Providers & Facilities

At First Choice of the Midwest, Inc we believe in finding ways to ensure cost-effective delivery of quality health care. We have local, dedicated representatives who have an understanding of rural and urban healthcare to work with you and your staff. We are dedicated to provide you and your staff with accurate and timely claims processing to help reduce burdens to ensure your office can run smoothly. Our contracts are provider friendly to help ensure that your practice can continue to provide the services that you feel are best for your patients. When your practice joins our network you open your doors to thousands of covered lives through a large number of insurance companies over a 10 state region.

First Choice of the Midwest, Inc. is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that works with over 66 insurance companies. Although we are not the patient’s insurance company, we are dedicated to working with you and your staff to ensure that your relationship with the insurance companies that are contracted to access our network is mutually beneficial and straightforward. To obtain information regarding the patient’s insurance company, please refer to the patient’s identification card, or contact our Customer Service Department to obtain more information regarding the patient’s insurance company.

To learn more about our network, please navigate through the various links or contact our Provider Relations Department through the Contact Provider Relation page.