Claim Submission

First Choice of the Midwest, Inc processes claims for a large number of Healthcare Payers. Due to the large number of Healthcare Payers who have access to our network of providers it is vital that you obtain claim submission information from the patient’s identification card. However we know that from time to time the patient’s identification card can not be obtained. In these situations, please feel free to contact our Claims Department to obtain claim submission information.

If the claims are handled in the First Choice of the Midwest, Inc office, please feel free to submit claims through one of the following options:


To ensure the best turn around time on claims, we encourage you, when possible, to submit your claims electronically to us.

Our electronic payer ID is 75138.


Please feel free to mail a clear and legible copy of the claim to:

First Choice of the Midwest, Inc.
Attn: Claims Department
PO Box 5078
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5078

If you have further claim submission questions/inquiries, please reach out to our Claims Department through the Contact Us page.